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FUBAR Naturals CLP


A short time ago the FUBAR R&D team was on the range do some training and someone said "Man... the sun is hot and the bugs are biting!" That's when it hit us. Why hasn't anyone ever combined a cleaner, lubricant, protector with sunscreen and bug repellent. So we went to the shop and started tinkering... FUBAR was born. Since then we have refined the formula in a lab with responsible chemists and created something awesome!

FUBAR has beat all of our expectations and really has turned out to be a first product of its kind. FUBAR is perfect for all sorts of uses that we are still discovering. So the next time you go off the grid, be sure to get FUBAR and stop messing with all those other toxic products. PATENT PENDING

All Natural

FUBAR is a natural ingredient formula that works as a cleaner, lubricant and protector, which is highly effective and non-toxic. It is a one of kind multipurpose utility product.


FUBAR provides a water resistance, all natural repellent with proven ingredients recommended by the CDC for protection against most flying, biting and crawling insects.This 3.3FL OZ bottle has a twist on and off tip for controlled flow. The amount is compliant with TSA rules for fuids on flights.


FUBAR provides level 15 SPF which naturally blocks 94% percent of all harmful UVB rays. This protection comes with no white mess and provides water resistent protection in wet environments.


Formulated with natural oils, FUBAR has proven healing and anti-bacterial properties. FUBAR also provides soothing relief and treatment to abrasions, insect bites, dry chapped skin and minor cuts and scrapes.


FUBAR is comprised of several anti-corrosive ingredients that are effective against moisture, rust and other elemental oxidizers. Not only does it cleans and lubricate, but it provides protection.


Field tested and approved by the R&D team at Covered 6. We take this job seriously because our products need to be better. FUBAR is one of many innovative and first ever products brought to first responders, military, private security and responsible citizens all over the world. www.covered6.com