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Exclusive KEEP CALM its only a FLESH WOUND - Patch Me Up FlagShip Patch

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Exclusive Launch Patch - KEEP CALM its Only a FLESH WOUND - Patch Me Up - get it! 

KEEP CALM its only A FLESH WOUND plays on our Founder's Heritage - as Brits, we have always been fascinated by the History of the Keep Calm Propaganda Flyer from WWII as well as being an avid fan of Monte Python and the Holy Grail - Tis' but a Scratch and it's only a flesh wound both originate from this film. So what fitting way to celebrate these than by launching a Patch and Sticker Series - Keep Calm its only a Flesh Wound - Patch Me Up!

This High Quality 3D PVC Patch comes with a Velcro Back  3.0"H x 2.5"W

Keep Calm is a collectors Edition, These will be a limited run on these patches as we want to release very select versions of this Patch throughout the year.