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 So we've teamed up with the every so talented and awesome Hiwez to bring you this awesome exclusive collection of Teddies - we will be launching 1 new set per month with over 20 to collect. 

Each Set includes an individual numbered collectors card with artwork and bio, a patch and sticker. Each Patch and Sticker is individually colour co-ordinated.

150 Sets will be available to Patch Me Up customers with a further 150 sets available through Hiwez for our European Brethren.


Now an infamous Forgotten teddy Captain, D3ATH was once a revered sniper in TTHQ, one of the few who chose to keep their CGN (Child Given Name) after completing training. Her charge was a young boy who named her H3L. Morespecifically "Hel" but the boy was forever writing the E backwards and she found itendearing, they made each other whole. She lived a good life with her charge until a car accident caused him to severely lose his memory and basic motor skills, forgetting H3L in an instant.

H3L was visiting a newly established outpost at the time and turned Forgotten faster and more violently than her unit had ever seen, destroying the entire outpost in a furious rage.
Her attacks are so brutal and blood thirsty that she has been dubbed D3ATH by her former comrades and feared by even the most seasoned cuddly commandoes.
The Nightmare recognised her potential and awarded her with the status of Forgotten Captain, securing D3ATH a position as a guardian of the Cathedral of Lint and a greater sway in the hive minded collective of her new kin.

When the Forgotten set upon a TTHQ outpost and swarm its defences, D3ATH is without fail at the head of the snaking horde, tearing her way through the garrison with an unquenchable ferocity.

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