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Exclusive Tactical Teddies - NCO Ticklebomb

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Exclusive Tactical Teddies

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So we've teamed up with the every so talented and awesome Hiwez to bring you this awesome exclusive collection of Teddies - we will be launching 1 new set per month with over 20 to collect. 

Each Set includes an individual numbered collectors card with artwork and bio, a patch and sticker. Each Patch and Sticker is individually colour co-ordinated.

150 Sets will be available to Patch Me Up customers with a further 150 sets available through Hiwez for our European Brethren.

Launching this Series is the badass NCO Ticklebomb

NCO Ticklebomb

Serving three fur-raising tours for TTHQ (Tactical Teddy Head Quarters) as an infantry teddy, Ticklebomb quickly made a name for himself as one of the most cool-headed bears on the front line. Taking on daring feats and leading a unit of teddies who almost believed he couldn't be touched. Truth is he's been re-stitched more times than he can remember.

Ticklebomb is now part of an elite squad code-named "Wolf Spider" tasked with high risk espionage and extermination missions. These missions take them deep into the jaws of enemy controlled territory without any communication until the objective is complete.

TTHQ's Commanding General Theodor Caedes has been keeping a close eye on Ticklebomb's progress in Operation Wolf Spider. A plan is formulating to infiltrate the Cathedral of Lint. Such a mission will require soldiers with fur of steel and just the right amount of crazy. Caedes believes Ticklebomb could be just what he's looking for...

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