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Exclusive Tactical Teddies - Shiv

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So we've teamed up with the every so talented and awesome Hiwez to bring you this awesome exclusive collection of Teddies - we will be launching 1 new set per month with over 20 to collect. 

Each Set includes an individual numbered collectors card with artwork and bio, a patch and sticker. Each Patch and Sticker is individually colour co-ordinated.

150 Sets will be available to Patch Me Up customers with a further 150 sets available through Hiwez for our European Brethren.


Most teddy bears love cuddles. Shiv loves knives. Cuddles and Knives don't go too well together but it doesn't stop a teddy from trying.
Shiv came from a difficult home with a brother teddy. Their charge was an older woman who ran a drop-in nursery and the teddies felt the affects of being used as a throw-around stuffed punching bag for different children on a weekly basis. Needless to say the relationship with their charge was not something from a faerie tale.
So when a representative of the TTHQ showed up the brothers saw a chance to change their situation and signed up immediately.

By the time basic training had finished, Shiv and his brother had learnt that on top of the duties of the headquarters they would still have to return to their charge regularly. The brothers could not agree to that and deserted their posts during their first patrol mission outside of the HQ walls.
They fled to the wastelands of Eastreach. Home to the famous Hunter families who terrorised TTHQ outposts and supply trucks. After proving their mettle in the Hunter trials, Shiv lost an eye but gained a family. The Family of infamous Materna Garrotte.

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