Custom Patch Services and Pricing

Custom Patch Services and Pricing


Welcome to Patch Me Up Custom Patch Services - Patch Me Up is fast becoming the leader in Custom PVC Patches. We specialize in Quality, High detailed Patches.

Our Team has spent a year perfecting the right blends and production processes. By now, you would have seen and probably own a couple of our own Exclusive Patches - Patch Me Up Retail personally focus on Small Batch Unique Designs but our Wholesale Team have designed and produced 1000's of Patches in large volumes for some of the leading brands out there today. 

Whether you are just starting out and thinking of your first Patch or you are looking for better quality and delivery from your patch provider - the Patch Me Up Team are here to help. 

In all cases Patches are an extension of your Brand and Quality Attention to detail and production is a reflective on your own values and services. Afterall, as a brand owner, one of the largest compliments you can get is your customers wearing and promoting your brand for you. 

Creative Design Services 

We offer a design consultancy service, if you need a design or logo built from scratch, then our team of designers are on hand to help create the perfect Logo or Slogan for your Patch. 

Below are some samples of the work we've done for others. 

Original Customer Artwork - this was drawn out in Class and converted by our team to an Electronic Proof of Concept. 


Original Concept Art along with the finished Patch 



If you have an existing design, then great, we will provide full project management of the end to end manufacturing process. 

The Process

Once the Artwork is locked down and approved, Patch Me Up provides a Two Stage Proof Process to ensure that you have the right design - 2D, 3D, Size, Shape and Colour. 

The Proofing Stage 

Original Art Design transforms into the Mold Render which is then approved by the customer.  From there we set the first Patch, this is then approved by the customer before moving into production and adding the velcro backing if appropriate (We have customers that use our PVC Patches for Clothing Labels etc) 


OK, so here's the important stuff you want to know, how much is my patch going to cost me! 

Design Services - if you need us to work on or modify your design then we'll agree a budget upfront. All Designs once complete remain yours so you can re-use them for Web Pages, Logo's, Stickers etc. 

Custom Design Services   Prices Start at $45.00 an hour for Design


Patch Costs - Costs below are aimed at giving you budget pricing, all quotes are subject to final approval. It comes down to the complexity of your design and mold. 

Mold Costs 

Mold Cost includes the Initial Design Render 

We hold the mold for 18mths for re-runs and  color changes



Patch Me Up specializes in High Quality Production, to ensure quality, timely work for our clients we ask for a minimum of 100 Patches per design - we will consider small unique designs but to be clear, we don't specialise in one or two patches - there are other more cost effective solutions out there. 

Prices include 2D or 3D, multiple colour choices - we offer Glow In the Dark Options for an additional fee. 

Delivery is up-to 4 weeks from Design Approvals. We can accommodate some rush orders - please specify your delivery needs on application. 

The Small Print - Patch Me Up is not responsible for verifying the copyright status of customer provided files. All customers are responsible for obtaining permission to use, duplicate, or edit all copyrighted material before submitting to Patch Me Up. All persons and/or companies wishing to provide files to Patch Me up for production must assume all liability for any possible copyright violations.

Patch Fee
Size Patch Sizes upto 1" Square or Diameter 
100 Patches  $3.00 Per Patch 
250 Patches  $2.50 Per Patch 
500 Patches $1.95 Per Patch 
1000 Patches + Price on Application 
Size Patch Sizes upto 2" Square or Diameter 
100 Patches $3.75 Per Patch 
250 Patches  $3.00 Per Patch 
500 Patches  $2.45 Per Patch
1000 Patches +  Price on Application 
Size  Patch Size 2x3" 
100 Patches  $4.75 Per Patch 
250 Patches $3.25 Per Patch 
500 Patches  $2.75 Per Patch 
1000 Patches + Price on Application 


Some other awesome samples of work we've done for customers