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Seabag Locker Coffee

Patch Me Up has teamed up with Seabag Locker Coffee and @Shepinthewild to offer our customers saves on the complete range in store including the New Night Vision Blend out lined below.

Check out Seabag Locker Coffee, customers simply enter the following coupon code: PatchMeUp in order to get 10% off your order.  To visit Seabag Locker Coffee's Store - simply click HERE


Smooth, robust, energizing. Night Vision is our most caffeinated roast offering an aroma and taste that will make you see in the dark! Wonderfully paired with a bolt action .308 rifle and some tears from Kim Jong-un’s last failed missile launch, you’ll find Night Vision is a perfect balance between tossing hungry alligators at terrorists and making love to that special someone in your life.

Don’t be fooled by other “fresh” and “organic” coffees. Night Vision is a single sourced roast on a mission to kick post war veteran’s issues square in the dick! Proceeds from every bag of Night Vision go directly to help @ShepInTheWild get closer to his mission of speaking to vets across America about his battles and successes with mental health and entrepreneurship.

The Seabag Locker has fully endorsed and sponsored Shep in his mission to motivate and inspire other veterans to a healthier and happier life and we hope you will too. To read more about this amazing veteran and patriot please click HERE! To support the cause, switch to Night Vision light-medium roast only from the Seabag Locker Coffee Company!

- Roasted from single-origin 100% Guatemalan Beans

- One pound of Light-Medium Roast. This bold-flavored coffee come in a 16 oz bag; not 12oz like most places...you get an actual pound of coffee!

- The coffee is roasted daily on two U.S. made, state-of-the-art Diedrich roasters. Roast master and US Navy Vietnam Veteran Bob Mastin leads a roasting crew with over 25 years combined experience.