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Priestess Mary

So we've teamed up with the ever so talented and awesome Hiwez to bring you this awesome exclusive collection of Teddies - we will be launching 1 new set per month with over 20 to collect.

Each Set includes an individual numbered collectors card with artwork and bio, a patch and sticker. Each Patch and Sticker is individually colour co-ordinated.

150 Sets will be available to Patch Me Up customers with a further 150 sets available through Hiwez for our European Brethren.

Priestess Mary 

Mary is one of the oldest Teddy Templar still in action in the Tedlands. She is known for her kindness, generosity and equal measures of chivalry and potency in combat. Her noble nature is a by-product of watching her charge, a charitable and attentive monk from the Black Forest of Germany, in the years he was alive.
in 1633 the monk joined his God and Mary felt his passing like a burning hole in her heart.
She vowed to continue his memory and deeds by making the Tedlands her personal mission, to protect and nurture it and crush anything that threatens its spirit.

Mary was recruited by one of the first Teddy Templar and was part of creating the P.A.L.S (Pistol And Longsword Stances) that are practiced by the Teddy Templar still today.

Mary has been tasked by the Grand Master of the Templar to find a hidden tome written by The Nine which is said to contain the origins of the Nightmare and indeed how to return it to it's slumber, if not destroy it once and for all.

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